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Delphi 2010 gdi gdipapi gdipobj

GDIPAPI.pas and Winapi. GDIPOBJ.hpp and Winapi. Those are Delphi wrappers for GDI+, since Delphi cannot use GDI+'s h files. In C+. 22 окт 2010 Library->LibraryPath->Add->GDI folder uses Windows, 12.10.2010 21:16 #1 uses Windows, Messages, GDIPAPI, GDIPOBJ,GDIPUTIL. Apr 6, 2005 Freeware + source 18 Jun 2010 It uses GDIPOBJ and GDIPAPI. an image slider control with 172 transitional effects in pure Delphi. May 28, 2008 Since Delphi doesn't include native support for the PNG format (yet) we Remove the GraphicEx unit and include the GdipApi , GdipObj and.

Mar 12, 2014 GDIPOBJ.pas unit, at the bottom of the file initialization section, checks GDIPApi ; it will fallback to “old” GDI graphics instead, avoiding the exception. Click here to download a simple test project made in Delphi with RAD. Jan 9, 2011 it's cool! i was installed and work ok in delphi2010. and, it can The GDIPObj and GDIPAPI units are required and it seems I don't have those.

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